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We now have the Cylinder Cyclone our specialized

Hydraulic Repair Machine on site.


Center Pipe Construction:

  • Carries out all operations in one stable, simple unit.

  • All pressure and torque forces contained within the machine.

  • 3 oil reservoirs provided: waste oil (250 gal capacity), machine hydraulics (25 gal), and repaired cylinders pressure tests (55 gal).

Hydraulic Pump Systems

  • Two separate systems

  • Deluxe pump operates from 0-20 gpm and 0-3.175 psi for speed and power.

  • Pressure testing system operates at 4 1/2 gmp.

  • Equipped with low oil lights and alarm system.

Sky Hook

  • Overhead crane rail with rolling chain hoist with a 2 ton capacity.

  • Center-lined for perfect assembly and disassembly, simple solution to a common repairs problem.

  • Integral part of the cylinder cyclone makes alignment a simple task.

  • Now fitted with safety overload switch to maintain safety in all operations.

AccuraTorque Head

  • Model CC-2050-CPB provides up to 50,000 ft⋅lb for loosening or 37,550 ft⋅lb for tightening cylinder nuts and Model CC-2060-CPB provides 60,000 ft-lb loosening and 50,000 ft-lb tightening

  • Infinite pressure control between 0 - 50,000 ft-lbs of torque

  • Bi-directional head rotation

  • Remote controlled rotation

  • Designed to accept specialized tooling to quickly change from one operation to another.

  • Reassemble cylinders to manufacturers specifications with complete confidence.

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